The Owner and majority of our employees have years of driving experience.

Our Dispatchers are industry veterans with years of driving experience driving for Shrock Trucking, Inc. They have driven the same runs that you as a driver will be driving and understand the ins and outs of most of the places you will be picking up and delivering.



We are seeking Drivers with 2 or more years experience for this Full Time position.

  • $1,000 plus per Week Possible.
  • Insurance available for Full Time drivers

Since most of our miles come from California and go to Indiana/Ohio, we offer Drivers:

  • Lots of miles. Springfield, MO to California turns.
  • Still get them home within a week

We normally split the run in Springfield, MO and re-power with a fresh Driver there to get the tired Driver home.

The Driver will have been gone about six - seven days, will have burned up most of his 70 hours on his logbook and looking forward to his 34-hour restart he can enjoy at home with his family (rather than at some truck stop.

Driver will have run 3,400-3,900 miles legally.



We are seeking drivers with 2 or more years experience for this Part Time position

  • 2-3 Day Runs Available
  • This position is for the Part Time guy that may be retired, or needs to get home every 2-3 days.

A Typical Run Would Be:

  • Pick up a loaded trailer in the Springfield yard run out to Indiana/Ohio
  • Make the delivery, go reload and bring it back to the Springfield yard and drop it.
  • Have the rest of the week off, or take a day or 2 before you start another run - you decide when you are ready to go again.

Must be able to run at least three short east per month to qualify as a Part-Time Driver.


  • 1st Seat must have 2 years experience
  • 2nd Seat must have at least 6 months experience
  • Coast-to-coast, coming through Springfield, MO on most trips

A Typical Run Would Be:

  • Run Coast-to-coast lots of miles 5000-6000 miles per week
  • Most runs travel right through Springfield, MO
  • Drivers are in Springfield a few hours 2 times a week, and can run home for a hot meal, check the mail, etc. without interrupting their runs.
  • After 2-3 weeks of this, Drivers come home for a few days...but they are never more than a few days away from their family.

  • Phone: (417) 832 0660
  • Fax: (417) 832 0408